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  • How do I place an order? Do you require a deposit?
    To place an order please select the contact tab to submit your order request, you can also send us an email at All shipped cookies require the full payment amount. Local orders require a 50 percent deposit to secure date and availability, your order is NOT confirmed or added to our calendar until deposit or full payment has been is received. We will charge a $5.00 convenience fee to the total order amount when a partial payment or deposit has been made. Deposits are non-refundable and final payments for local orders MUST be paid in full one week before pick up date. Please note there is a 24 hour payment policy before cancellation. All custom cookies are final there are NO REFUNDS.
  • Why are custom cookies more expensive ?
    Custom cookies are expensive because every detail is made by hand and is a very labor intensive process, and we also use quality ingredients. They are not mass produced, and there are many steps to creating them. The average cookie set can take hours to create from start to finish which includes: (making fresh dough for every order, cutting and baking the cookies, mixing icing colors, decorating, and packaging).We Put all of this together and you have a beautifully decorated set of cookies customized just for YOU!
  • How much are your cookies?
    Please refer to the pricing and shipping tab for more information or email us for a more detailed quote.
  • How much notice do I need to give for ordering cookies?
    For custom cookies it is best to place your order as early as possible. We typically book orders 3-4 weeks in advance. If you have any questions regarding availability, please use the contact form or send us an email and we will answer any questions you may have. We require a minimum of 3 weeks' notice for custom cookie orders. Custom orders with less than 3 weeks' notice will have a 15 percent rush fee added to the entire order.
  • What is available from your online store?
    Holiday cookies sets and a variety of other cookie specials will be available through the online store. There will be a limit set for the amount cookie sets available through the online store.
  • How do you cookies come packaged?
    To ensure freshness, all cookies are individually wrapped in heat sealed in cellophane bags. Cookies can also be individually bagged and tied with a ribbon for an additional $6 per dozen. If you'd like to add ribbon please request it at the time of placing your order.
  • How long do decorated cookies last?
    Decorated cookies last up to 3 weeks in heat sealed bags, and up to 2 months in the freezer.
  • Can you provide nut-free or gluten free cookie options?
    Unfortunately I cannot at this time.
  • What flavor are your cookies?
    My sugar cookies are a delicious classic vanilla flavor, with a vanilla royal icing. We do offer a variety of sugar cookie flavors such as : Vanilla Almond (made with a nut-free almond emulsion) Lemon Chocolate Chocolate Chip Funfetti SEASONAL FLAVORS:​​ Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle Apple Spice Cinnamon Roll Strawberry ​An additional fee per dozen may apply. Please specify at time of order if you are interested in an alternate flavor - otherwise all cookies will be vanilla flavor.
  • Do you ship?
    Yes we ship via USPS priority mail 1-3 business days depending on location. We do not offer international shipping at this time.
  • Do you allow pickups?
    Yes scheduled pickups is an option for all custom orders. Scheduled deliveries are also available within Suffern NY.
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